Zoe LaVerne controversies: from kissing 13-year-old to fake arrest


After LaVerne and Orlove’s first major breakup, she admitted to cheating on him.


In March 2019, LaVerne celebrated a major Instagram follower milestone, surpassing 1 million followers. But over the next few weeks her popularity took a major nosedive, as LaVerne and Orlove experienced their first big breakup, and LaVerne eventually admitted to cheating on him with another, smaller TikTok personality. 

Initially, amid speculation over the cause of their breakup, LaVerne said during livestreams that she hadn’t cheated on Orlove. Later, she confessed to cheating, but said the TikTok star she cheated with, Drayke Austin, had pursued her first. 

Then, in a livestreamed confrontation between LaVerne and Orlove on Instagram, LaVerne changed course and said she drove the cheating. The changing narratives led to an outpouring of animosity toward LaVerne, who routinely melted down during live broadcasts — which further weakened support for her.

“The comments that i have gotten are so horrible and so graphic,” LaVerne wrote under a moody ring light selfie. “Just because i made a mistake/ choice does not make me a horrible person.”

She also apologized to Orlove in the same caption, writing: “Cody if you see this i am so sorry for putting you through pain and making you cry i never meant to hurt you ever.. i was just selfish and was thinking about my self..”

LaVerne posted some conflicting captions over the following months (from “I may have messed up” to “Look what you lost”), but she and Orlove were back together by May 2019. “My best friend,” LaVerne wrote under a photo of the couple embracing.

my best friend ?

A post shared by Zoe LaVerne (@zoexlaverne) on May 10, 2019 at 2:03pm PDT

In a YouTube video also uploaded in May 2019, seemingly before getting back together, Orlove accused LaVerne of sexually harassing him by kissing him against his will despite him turning his head “back and forth” to avoid her while covering his lips and asking her to stop. On a separate occasion, Orlove said LaVerne also tried to take his pants off against his will. 

In the YouTube video, Orlove plays audio recordings he took of LaVerne admitting to trying to kiss him against his will and another of LaVerne saying her taking his pants off was “a joke.”

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