X-rated clips of over 20 HK and Taiwan actors, basketball stars leaked


Taiwanese police are investigating the leak of X-rated videos and photos featuring over 20 Hong Kong and Taiwanese men.

Victims include 2020 Golden Horse Award Best New Performer nominee Terrance Lau, Taiwanese actor Andy Bian as well as basketball players, both professional and amateurs, from Taiwan’s newly-launched basketball league, P.League+.

On the latter, according to Apple Daily (translation by Taipei Times), the videos allegedly show the players masturbating while talking with women in an online chat room and engaging in sex acts with partners.

Some of the videos were filmed years ago when the players were still in high school.

P.League+ CEO Chen Chien-chou said the videos only surfaced recently for blackmail purposes.

“We must stand up against this and deal with these problems. We call for all affected players to face this with courage, and not cower in fear. League officials will work to protect you and provide assistance, ” he said in a press conference.

Two men have since been detained for questioning with regards to their alleged involvement in operating an online adult sex chat room and video site.

Meanwhile, there were also photos supposedly featuring Hong Kong actor Lau clad only in his underwear.

He rubbished the existence of the indecent photos, telling MingPao:

“I have never taken any so-called lewd photos supposedly circulating on the internet. Among those photos were also some that were taken from stage play rehearsals. The most that I bare was for a group photo for my school’s swimming team. That’s all…” he said.

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