Who leaked Kobe Bryant helicopter crash photos? Latest news on Kobe Bryant death photos


Right after Kobe Bryant’s death last January, Vanessa Bryant filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. Recently, Vanessa shared some parts of the lawsuit on her Instagram page, one post containing names of deputies who had the Kobe Bryant photos leaked illegally. The tragic helicopter crash occurred last year on January 26 at the Kobe Bryant crash site., claiming the lives of the NBA legend, his 13-year-old daughter and seven others.

Kobe Bryant death: Who leaked Kobe Bryant helicopter crash photos?

While Vanessa shared multiple posts regarding the ‘Who leaked Kobe Bryant helicopter crash photos’ lawsuit, the first one highlighted the names of the four deputies involved in the photo leak. Joey Cruz, Rafael Mejia, Michael Russell and Raul Versales were the names Vanessa mentioned, further detailed how they have shared the photos with people who had nothing to do with the Kobe Bryant death investigation. 

Though some photos were shared with police officers, some were also showed to civilians. Some graphic photos were apparently focused on the victims’ remains. Out of the mentioned names, Mejia apparently stored the photos and shared them for “no reason other than morbid gossip”. Russell shared the photos with his family members, and some friends at other police stations not working on the investigation. 

One of the deputies apparently shared the graphic photos with a woman at a Norwalk bar. Someone overhearing the conversation apparently reported the sharing of photos after overhearing their conversation about the graphic details. 

Vanessa Bryant won suit about Kobe Bryant crash site photos

Earlier this month, a federal judge ruled that Vanessa can obtain the names of the four Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies who had clicked and shared graphic and unauthorized photos from the crash. More reports revealed that one officer had taken around 25 to 100 photos of the crash, eventually sharing them with other deputies, family members and civilians at a sports bar. 

According to Vanessa’ lead attorney, the lawsuit filed is based on “accountability”, and about preventing something like this from happening to other families who’ve lost their loved ones. The department apparently wanted the names to be hidden, worried that those involved might be targeted. 

Other Kobe Bryant photos leaked

Along with crash site photos, Bryant’s autopsy report was also leaked. A page shared gruesome and gory details about the NBA star’s death. People remained enraged over the idea, unable to understand why anyone would share such private information with the public. 

(Image credits: Vanessa Bryant Instagram)


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