WhatsApp Leak Hints Major Fix For Backup Storage Issue: What Is the ‘Manage Backup Size’ Feature?


WhatsApp beta tracker WABetaInfo leaked a new upcoming feature that will fix a major issue in the app.

The said feature will be called Manage Backup Size. This will allow users to manage their backup size, which has been causing a huge storage issue for the communications platform. Several reports speculate that this is also WhatsApp’s plan in case Google decides to remove its unlimited storage for messaging as well.

Aside from the Manage Backup Size feature, WhatsApp also has useful privacy-enhancing features.

What Is the ‘Manage Backup Size’ Feature?

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is currently working on the Manage Backup Size feature. This is part of WhatsApp for Android beta.

In detail, the feature will enable users to control the size of the items before uploading it to the backup folder. HT Tech added that the backup issue is one of the major problems that WhatsApp user encounters.

Moreover, WABetaInfo said that users will be able to remove and choose certain media categories they wish to back up including documents, photos, audios, videos and other media. This option will reduce its backup size, per HT Tech.

In case you did not know, most WhatsApp chats and attachments are backed up every night to iCloud as well as to Google Drive. Since the unlimited storage backup on Google Photos has been stopped, WABetaInfo thinks that the Manage Backup Size feature is the app’s backup plan if Google Drive decided to do the same. Keep in mind that this remains speculation and Google does not have any official announcements addressing this speculation.

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3 Interesting WhatsApp Feature

Aside from the Manage Backup Size feature, the Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp has been producing several features to enhance its privacy issues.

The Indian Express has shared three interesting features that WhatsApp users should expect:

3. Image to Sticker

Just like in Viber, this feature allows user to convert their captured image into a useable sticker. Once this feature is introduced to WhatsApp, the sticker icon will be placed next to the caption bar. When the icon is tapped, the image will be sent as a sticker and not as an image.

Receivers will be able to identify if the sent icon is an image or a sticker. Unfortunately, the image to sticker feature is under development and it will be available on the 2.2137.3 desktop beta version.

2. Group Icon Editor

WhatsApp will be upgrading its group icon editor feature. The upgraded feature will allow users to instantly create icons for groups that have no image. Aside from this, this feature will also have an option to select the background color of the icon.

In addition, WhatsApp will redesign its group info page, in which users might easily find the chat and call buttons in front and center.

This will be available on WhatsApp’s iOS beta version

1. Photo and Video Quality

This feature will let users choose the photo and video quality. The said options are “Data Saver” mode, “Best quality” mode, and an Auto mode which determines the quality of shared video clips.

The Indian Express clarified that this leak is still under development, and it will be included in future updates.

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