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The photo would have been leaked from the singer’s phone without her authorization under a hack

USA.- A picture of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn has reportedly been leaked online. It is alleged that the singer’s phone was hacked.

However, it is not confirmed if the image circulating online is of Taylor and Joe. Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have kept their relationship a secret for a long time.

News about the couple dating began to emerge in 2016. In 2017, various outlets confirmed that Taylor was dating Joe.

Despite the two being quiet about their relationship, Taylor hinted that things have been going very well for them as they ended up writing songs together.

Several people took to social media after an alleged photo of Taylor and Joe was leaked online. The image is believed to have appeared online after Taylor’s phone was hacked.

It certainly sent social media into a frenzy. The image is reportedly a selfie in the mirror.

In the picture, Taylor is allegedly wearing a pink wig, while Joe is shirtless and posing. Taylor is reportedly the one taking a photo.

As soon as people started sharing pictures online, Taylor fans came to their aid. They asked people to remove the photos because they were private.

At first glance, one might think that the image is real. However, it cannot be confirmed if they are Taylor and Joe in the picture.

In the past, various celebrities have been victims of photoshop. Since Joe and Taylor have kept their relationship private the entire time, someone may have Photoshopped the image. Taylor or Joe has yet to comment on the image leak.

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