The Witcher Set Photos Show Nilfgaard Getting a Much Wanted Makeover


The Nilfgaardians’ armor had drawn plenty of jokes from fans of The Witcher universe, but Cahir and company are moving forward in fashion.

One of The Witcher’s main strengths during the show’s first season was the highly praised aesthetics accomplished by their art direction and costume design teams, something which they are keen on highlighting as new images from the set continue to leak.

Fans of The Witcher have already been treated to official reveals from Netflix that show completely new looks for their main cast of characters, Geralt of Rivia, Ciri and Yennefer, but recently surfaced images show that their main antagonists, the armies of Nilfgaard, are also getting a makeover.

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While The Witcher’s first season was positively received it was not without its share of criticism. Most of that went to the constant time jumps used to introduce each character’s story, yet one small piece in the looks department seemed to bother fans of the games and books, the Nilfgaard armor. The rippled black armor worn by Cahir and his troops sure is very different from their more luxurious attire in the games and the production team is now putting a fix to that.

As can be seen in the leaked photos, Eamon Farren and his actor soldiers are strolling around the set in a very different armor that leans more towards the protective gear Nilfgaard troops wear in the games, adding a full shade of gold that still retains a very dark look overall, but much classier to suit the empire’s expansion throughout the continent.

The previous Nilfgaard armor was such a piece of conversation topic for The Witcher, that writer Lauren Schmidt Hissrich eventually had to explain why the villains were clad in such a weird attire, pointing out that the rapidly expanding and traveling army had no time to waste for style so their armor had to convey the look that “they picked it up, they did it quickly, and they put them on”.

Despite already having a very clear idea of how the main characters will look like when season two comes along in 2021, fans are still quite clueless to where The Witcher’s plot will take them. The complete overhaul in costume design could be a hint that some time has gone by since Geralt found Ciri in the woods, or maybe it’s just the producers’ desire to level up on costume design as a whole.

The Witcher season two is coming to Netflix in 2021.

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