The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Leak Confirms Civil War’s Lasting Impact


A new leak from the set of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier proves that the events of Civil War changed the MCU forever.

With everything going on in Avengers: Endgame, it’s easy to forget that some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are still fugitives from justice in the eyes of the U.S. government following the events of Captain America: Civil War. Well, Kevin Feige and Co. didn’t let it slip their mind as a leaked promotional material for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier confirms that those who’re fugitives after Civil War, including Sharon Carter, will still be on the wrong side of the law when the Disney+ series picks up.

Among The Falcon and the Winter Soldier merchandise pictured is a sticker of Sharon that has “Wanted” printed across her face. While The Falcon and the Winter Soldier promises to explore what she got up to after Civil War, it seems whatever she did wasn’t enough to get her back on good terms with the authorities.

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Under the orders of her old S.H.I.E.L.D. boss, Nick Fury, Sharon pretended to be Steve Rogers’ next-door neighbor in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. She would later join forces with Steve to battle the Hydra agents that had infiltrated SHIELD, though only after Steve learned she’d been spying on him. The pair were able to repair their relationship when Sharon finally revealed her real identity at Peggy’s funeral in Civil War. For that reason, Steve was willing to trust her when she provided him with information on Bucky Barnes’ whereabouts after the Winter Solider was accused of bombing the Vienna International Centre.

Because she helped Steve, Sharon was forced to go on the run herself following the events of Civil War. She wasn’t a fugitive for too long, though, as she ended up being dusted by Thanos’ snap in Infinity War. Like billions of other people, Sharon was brought back five years later, when Hulk used the Infinity Stones to undo Thanos’ action in Avengers: Endgame. However, it seems restoring half of all life in the universe wasn’t enough for the U.S. government to pardon those who assisted Steve in trying to take down Helmut Zemo.

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If Sharon is still on the run in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, that suggests Bucky and Sam Wilson technically should be too. This may very well prove to be a source of conflict on the show, particularly since Steve selected Sam to carry on the mantle of Captain America in the conclusion to Endgame. Since the government appears to have its own pick for their job in the form of John Walker/U.S.Agent, who’s been spotted carrying Cap’s shield in set photos, that means Sam will remain on bad terms with the authorities, likely due to his own law-breaking in Civil War.

Story-wise, the reveal that Sharon is still considered to be on the wrong side of the law helps to explain why Bucky and Sam have to operate on their own in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Of the other Earth-based Avengers who are still active after Endgame and took a stance on the Sokovia Accords, all of them were either in support of the legislation or cut a deal with the government to avoid being imprisoned in the Raft. The only exception is Wanda Maximoff, who will be too busy dealing with very different problems in WandaVision to lend Sharon and the rest of the crew a helping hand.

Directed by Kari Skogland, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier stars Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Emily VanCamp, Wyatt Russell, Noah Mills, Carl Lumbly and Daniel Brühl. The series debuts on Disney+ in 2021.

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