Tanuj Virwani: After Aksharaa’s pictures were leaked online in 2018, we don’t talk to each other at all | Hindi Movie News


That Tanuj Virwani (actress Rati Agnihotri and Anil Virwani’s son) and Aksharaa Haasan (actors Kamal Haasan and Sarika’s daughter) were in a relationship several years ago, is well-known. However, post their break-up in 2017, things took an ugly turn when Aksharaa’s private pictures were leaked on the internet in 2018. At that time, Tanuj was questioned by the police and he denied he had anything to do with the leak. The actor had also said how he hoped the real culprits were caught and punished. Fast forward to three years later – Tanuj shared what went wrong between the couple and the leaked photos of his former girlfriend.

Tanuj says, “I had met Aksharaa on an outdoor shoot in Kulu Manali, when she had accompanied her mother, actress Sarikaji. We became friends and there was a mutual connection. She is a lovely girl and I really liked her. We were together for four years, but after a point we realised that it was not working out. We decided to mutually part ways without any drama. I think one of the things that went wrong for us was being open about our relationship in public. We had no qualms about discussing our relationship openly. We believed in being honest about it, which eventually backfired. Now, I have realised that we should not talk about our private lives and only let our work speak for us.”

He adds, “Before the pictures got leaked in 2018, we were cordial and used to greet each other warmly at public functions. But after the pictures got leaked, we have completely stopped being in touch. The pictures were leaked through a messenger app from a computer and not through a phone. At that time, when the pictures were taken in 2013, we did not understand the power of technology and weren’t aware of how pictures get stored on the server. Now, both the incident and my relationship with Akshara are a thing of the past. Having said that, I have fond memories of our relationship. After our break-up, I moved on and had a few girlfriends, but I have learnt not to speak about my private life anymore.”

So, what does he look for in a partner? “More than anything, your partner needs to be your best friend. You may not like everything about them (and vice versa), but one needs to make adjustments and compromises. I also believe in unconditional love – regardless of fights or issues, you need to love your partner and family always,” he ends.

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