Samsung’s colorful foldable cases might be even better looking than the Z Flip3 and Fold3 themselves


Samsung's colorful foldable cases might be even better looking than the Z Flip3 and Fold3 themselves

We’re racing towards the launch of Samsung’s newest flagship folding phones, but that doesn’t mean the leaks are slowing down. We’ve already seen a stylus-equipped case for the Galaxy Z Fold3, and now we’re getting a new look at all of the unique cases that’ll help you protect your next foldable.

While you won’t find a slot here for the S Pen, these Galaxy Z Flip3 cases are still pretty interesting (via 91mobiles). Samsung has designed its latest shells in three different variants: plain, ring, and strap. The regular iteration is about what you’d expect for a device like this, with pieces that snap right into place. It’ll include leather and clear options, perfect for showing off whichever of the rumored colors you decide to pick up.

The ring and strap versions are arguably more interesting. The former features a built-in phone ring, a PopSocket-esque utility that helps keep you from dropping your expensive glass-covered gadget. Usually, this ring is a third-party accessory you apply to the back of the device, but here, it’s installed directly into this case. The strapped version is even more unique, positioning a wide Flip-branded hand strap along the rear of the shell.

Images via 91mobiles.

These photos also give us another look at the Z Flip3 itself, confirming what we saw in leaked renders just a few days ago. Although the design hasn’t been radically changed, the larger exterior display should be a nice upgrade for anyone throwing it back to the days of flip phones.

Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpacked event is coming up quick, so while you wait, make sure you check out its Inception-fied teaser.

video spot from the company itself. If you were hoping that some of the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Z Fold3 would at least have a few surprise accessory announcements on Wednesday, well, you might want to stop reading right here.

A new leak from WinFuture not only shows off all of the cases posted above in new detail — it contains a whole lot more (via SamMobile). The case variants for the Z Flip3 we initially saw two weeks ago are on full display here, with all-new color variants for the standard, ring, and strap cases.

Also new to this leak: our first real look at the standard cases for the Galaxy Z Fold3. We’ve previously seen a cover that offers a slot for the stylus, but these new offerings bring the same level protection without the additional bulk.

You can check out all of the leaked images over at WinFuture. Expect official pricing and availability for these accessories to be unveiled at Wednesday’s Galaxy Unpacked.

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