Samsung is the next tech giant to chase after prominent leakers


Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Silver back

Robert Triggs / Android Authority


  • Samsung is cracking down on leaks by sending copyright claims to take down images and videos.
  • Some material could vanish within days.
  • This doesn’t affect sites reporting on leaks.

Some of the images will disappear within days, Jambor said, and this was reportedly “just the beginning.” Well-known leak sharer Evan Blass suggested he would delete posts for Samsung material. The author stressed that Samsung was only chasing after the original purveyors, not media outlets reporting on those leaks. You won’t see Android Authority‘s Samsung leak coverage suddenly vanish, then.

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We’ve asked Samsung for comment.

Xiaomi has also clamped down on leaks in recent days.

Moves like this aren’t surprising. Leaks are usually breaches of company confidentiality. By definition, accurate leakers are sharing material without permission. And while it’s tempting to claim that Samsung benefits whenever a leak emerges, it might argue that they steal the thunder from events and even dampen sales. You might already have a good idea of what to expect at Samsung’s next Unpacked event, for example — why tune in if you won’t be surprised?

Whether or not the Samsung leak crackdown has much of an effect in practice might be another matter. Leaks tend to spread quickly, after all, and it might not take long to disseminate spy photos and press shots while deleting the source posts. This also won’t do much to stop text-based leaks. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t be shocked if Samsung product launches offer more surprises going forward.

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