President Ramaphosa’s angry letter to the ANC integrity commission


In his bid to rid the ANC of corruption and corrupt-accused leaders, Ramaphosa has repeatedly called on every party deployee accused of wrongdoing or facing criminal charges to appear before the commission without delay, failing which they could face suspension.

His continued failure to appear before the commission has raised questions.

“The IC requested, both verbally and in writing, several times over 18 months to meet with the president,” the commission said.

“It did not sit well with the IC that the president especially, but also the officials, continually referred publicly to the importance of the IC and the work being done, but in reality there was little to no interaction.”

This, according to Ramaphosa’s letter to Mashamba, was both unfortunate and concerning as the commission’s report “seems to create an impression that I sought to avoid appearance before the IC”.

“What concerns me is the impression that is created which would appear like I was delinquent in the manner in which I dealt with the matter of my appearance before the IC,” Ramaphosa said.

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