Pixel Watch renders show a gorgeous wearable with clean, elegant software


Yesterday, we had quite a bit of traffic around the early tease of an upcoming leak of the Pixel Watch. Jon Prosser – a noted tech leaker – teased some Pixel Watch photos over on Twitter and we were waiting all day yesterday to actually see these images arrive. In the afternoon, Jon showed a quick photo of a watch that didn’t really reveal anything and the comments went a bit crazy with people looking for the actual leaked images that were promised. As the day wore on and no leaks came, we all figured today would be the day. And now we have the video and promised images.

Understanding these images

First up, in the video Jon explains where these hi-res images came from. To protect his source, he didn’t share the direct images and marketing info that was received. Instead, he took those materials to a rendering artist and had the watch images turned into 3D renders that capture the look, feel and even software experience from the originals. So, while these images aren’t the exact images Jon has his hands on, they are very good recreations of the watch shown off in those internal documents.


With that being clear, it goes without saying that this is one of the best looking smart watches I’ve ever laid eyes on. Honestly, it looks fake. Too good to be true. And amazing. But Jon reiterates that these renders look identical to the images he has and if that is the case, I think we’re in for something really, really special with the Pixel Watch. Assuming this is WearOS, the UI has a major overhaul that is simplified and clean, and the watch bands look amazing as well. All around, I love everything about the way this thing looks.

Marketing speak and when we expect it

Additionally, the video goes on to explain that the marketing materials point to a watch that does a lot of stuff “at a glance.” He refers to your world, your agenda, your route, and your health “at a glance” and I think this might help explain what Google is looking to accomplish with the Pixel Watch. Instead of a smart watch that is trying to do everything, it looks like Google might be taking a pared down approach to the wearable game and aiming for a simple, quick, glanceable interface more in line with what they go for in the Pixel line of phones. Smart help when you need it.

Jon also says that his source told him that we could expect the watch sometime in October. Obviously, this lines up with what we’d expect for Google’s mobile hardware and we’d hope to see this watch launch in conjunction with the Pixel 6 that will come rocking Google’s new ‘Whitechapel’ GS101 silicon. As always, take this info with a pinch of salt, but also realize that Prosser’s predictions have always been pretty spot-on. Though we’ve had to adjust the previous leak of the Pixel 5a’s demise (a slight adjustment), the fact is this guy is right far more often than he’s wrong. With these renders and some pretty Google-y sounding marketing, I’d wager we’re looking right at the Pixel Watch and could be seeing it arrive as early as this fall.

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