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5/1/01 Tuesday St. Louis Rookie baseball players try to keep focused on improving their fielding techniques in Francis Park in south St. Louis on Tuesday evening, May1, 2001. But, there are so many distractions for young ladies, such as checking the grass for bugs. This team of first graders from St. Raphael School are from left: Jane Shepherd,7; Rachael McMahon,7; Caroline Fischer,7 (crouching) Josie Regger,6; Katie Zulich,6; Olivia Panopoulos,7; and Claire Wright,6. These future stars are coached by Jim Panopoulos. Caroline Fischer asked Coach Panopoulos if he would move her over to third base from first because she got hit in the mouth with the ball last week. Concentration seems to be their biggest problem. PHOTO BY J.B. FORBES

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