New leaked image from the set of Andor series connects to Rogue One


Production is still underway for the Andor TV series coming to Disney+, which will be a prequel of sorts to the 2016 movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. And just recently, a new picture leaked from the set that connects it to the movie it stems from.

Over on Twitter, user @davidintheforc1 (via shared that a friend of his had been looking at filming going on in London for a Star Wars production. After someone asked him if it was for the Kenobi show, he clarified that it is probably for the Andor series and shared one of the photos from the set that his friend sent him.

You can see the photo that leaked from the Star Wars set here.

In the photo, you see that the white uniforms the actors are wearing are similar to that of Orson Krennic’s (the villainous character played by Ben Mendelsohn). Additionally, as notes, the filming there was taking place at London’s Canary Wharf station. It’s a familiar location that Rogue One shot at, using it as an Imperial base. You can see a bit of that around the 1:12 mark in this Rogue One teaser trailer from early 2016.

Andor series set leak explained

So, what does this mean for Cassian Andor in the series? Since it’s set to take place about five years before Rogue One, of course that means there will be no plotting to steal the Death Star plans. But what this could mean is that Andor will have yet another mission that brings him head-to-head with the Empire.

Since Andor is an excellent spy, it may be possible that he finds himself in one of those white Imperial uniforms, hiding in plain sight. There’s always valuable information to steal from the Empire. So in this series, we may see another elaborate mission be pulled off by the Rebellion to steal information from the Empire. Or we may see Andor pull off a series of small missions that ultimately will give the Rebellion the upper hand.

All in all, it’s exciting to see production for a new Star Wars show underway. And we’re looking forward to seeing what the Andor series has to offer when it comes out sometime next year.

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