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Dataminers discover images of three as-yet-unannounced Halo Infinite multiplayer maps in the latest Technical Preview build.

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Halo Infinite may still be months away from its December release date, but that isn’t stopping leakers from hunting down new information about 343 Industries’ upcoming first-person shooter. This weekend marks the second major Technical Preview for Halo Infinite and a new version of the game for dataminers to dig through. The latest discovery spinning out of Halo Infinite‘s testing is what appears to be a glimpse of three new as yet unannounced multiplayer maps.

The map leaks are said to have come from the Halo Leaks Discord, though the leaker behind them isn’t named. The leak itself is three different images, with each one acting as a sort of splash art for a different Halo Infinite map. As such, the names of each map aren’t known and there are no official details regarding their size or structure available. That hardly stops Halo fans from speculating about them based on the images alone, of course.

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The first location is an interior map, the name Aquarius emblazoned on a structure at the forefront of the image. At the sides of the image appear to be machines designed for hydroponics, growing what looks to be lettuce or some similar vegetable. The rest of the map looks like a very standard multi-level USNC industrial installation, uniquely designed to be perfect for combat training. This map is already receiving some criticism, just based on the image alone, due to Halo fan fatigue over USNC installation interior maps from Halo 4 and Halo 5.

The second map is what Halo fans believe to be the city location of New Mombasa as seen in Halo 3: ODST. Halo fans will recall that New Mombasa was destroyed in the Covenant’s attack on Earth, the first wave of the Battle of Earth. In-universe, Halo multiplayer maps since Halo 4 are constructed for training through holographs and construction, allowing the USNC to recreate the Battle of Mombasa. It’s an outdoor map with a lot of open space. Some fans noted what could be ray-traced reflections in the water on the ground.

The last map is a fully outdoor map that looks like it could take place on a Halo installation. A large, 4-legged Banished anti-aircraft turret sits in the middle of the image, targeting a USNC frigate appearing in the sky. A seated covenant turret can be seen to the right of the image.

The three nameless locations join a growing list of Halo Infinite maps players will soon be battling through. Previously confirmed maps like Bazaar, Behemoth, Fragmentation, Live Fire, and Recharge show that Halo Infinite is diversifying its locations as players have requested from 343 over the last two Halo games. Odds are, this is just the start.

Halo Infinite releases December 8 on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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