Moon Knight leaks reveal incredible action scenes in the series


footage of Moon Knight, a new series from Marvel Studios, has been rolling out in Budapest for months, with less than a month left.

Despite extensive recording, not many photos or videos were leaked during filming. On the other hand, some very interesting leaks from last month Moon Knight Fell on the Internet.

First, we had an art leak from the series revealing what Moon Knight’s main costume would be like (see this), while yesterday we also had details of another alternate outfit for the (read) anti-hero.

And a big expectation from fans for the series revolves around the action sequences, like Moon Knight Marvel has the potential to be some of the most thrilling, realistic and violent fight scenes in history.

and according to a leak from Cosmic Circus, is what the series will deliver right now. The site says that fans can expect to see some very intense action sequences and details about a specific scene that will be featured in the series.

According to the website, there is one scene in particular that will be eye-catching, in which Moon Knight will face a group of mercenaries in an action sequence where their choreography will be reminiscent of a fight scene in the hallway. the destroyer, in the first season of the Netflix series. Remember below:

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There is still no official synopsis, but in addition to maintaining the protagonist’s origins in the comics, rumors suggest that the series may contain links to a future film. blade On the MCU as well, it’s certain that we’ll see Moon Knight appear in other Marvel movies!

To everyone’s surprise, actor Oscar Isaac (from Star Wars and X-Men: Apocalypse) has been confirmed as the series’ protagonist Mark Spector! In addition to him, director Mohamed Diab and screenwriter are confirmed Jeremy Slater (Umbrella Academy), who will lead the creative team, and beau damayo (witcher) With an undefined date, the recording of the series will be in the UK until the end of the year!

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