Massive Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Leak Reveals Almost Everything


Leaks just keep coming, especially when it comes to the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Fold devices. The new photos of the Z Flip 3 showcase a beautiful phone.

In a leak from reliable sources, official-looking renders showcase the full body of Samsung‘s Galaxy Z Flip 3 in all its glory. Leaks of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 have been popping up as Samsung’s August 11 Unpacked event creeps closer and closer. Until then, these leaked images are all anyone has to go on.

Released last year, the Galaxy Z Flip was the first phone from Samsung to incorporates its foldable display technology in the form of a horizontal hinge. The Flip was a modern-day flip phone that gave the user a comfortable display size with the option of folding it away and bringing it down to half the size. Being as successful as it was, there were a couple of major speedbumps. For instance, the new foldable display technology was in no way water-resistant – a standard for any new mobile device these days. Cut to 2021, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is poised to include some great features and updates to its design.

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In photos published by WinFuture, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 can be seen in all its high-definition glory. Keeping with the same horizontal hinge, the device looks as though it’s sticking with the original 6.7-inch display from the previous model. When folded over, instead of the 1.1-inch display previously showcased on the backside of the Galaxy Z Flip, the new model will incorporate what looks like a 1.9-inch cover display. According to WinFture, it looks as though the Galaxy Z Flip 3 will have a metal frame, adding to the quality of the device. Another interesting discovery is the front-facing camera on the Flip 3. It can clearly be seen on the device as a punch-hole type sensor instead of the rumored possibility of an under-display camera. As far as the rear-facing cameras go, the leaks reveal two – both being 12MP and one possibly being wide-angle. Overall, the Flip 3 is a very handsome device and looks like it’ll catch the eye of many.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 Specs & Price

For now, the rumor goes that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 will have a Snapdragon 888 processor, similar to the Galaxy S21. In addition to that, the Flip 3 is expected to have 8GBs RAM onboard, which should be a speedy combination. WinFuture reports that there will be two storage size variants for customers to choose from – either a 128GB model or a 256GB model. Taken together, the specs suggest a very capable device, but what about water resistance?

Fortunately, rumors have been circulating from trusted sources that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 will actually be IPX8 waterproof, allowing users to submerge their devices in one meter of water for up to an hour. Last year, it was clear that Samsung struggled with waterproofing the foldable display and decided to release the Galaxy Z Flip without any waterproofing at all. If the Flip 3 really is waterproof, then it remains to be seen how many more customers may actually consider a modern-day flip phone. With no cost being revealed just yet, it’s hard to guess how much the new Galaxy Z Flip 3 will set customers back. Samsung is expected to release all of the details on August 11 during its Unpacked event.

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Source: WinFuture, Max Weibach (Twitter)

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