Leak Suggests New Nintendo Switch Controller Could Launch Soon



  • Nintendo is set to release the OLED Switch in October
  • Fans believe a new Switch Controller is currently in development
  • Nintendo has not said anything about a new Switch controller

Japanese gaming titan Nintendo is believed to be working on a new controller for its hybrid console Switch based on a recently uncovered filing at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

An FCC ID application does not confirm anything, but fans believe a new Nintendo Switch controller that could address the Joy-Con drift issue could be on the way. The said application was spotted by an industry insider known as SamusHunter2.

The application, labeled “Nintendo Game Controller,” was published Thursday. The new product’s FCC ID is BKEHAC043, which offers a clue on what it is about. The HAC is the code Nintendo uses for all Switch-related products. 

Playing Nintendo's Animal Crossing was a lockdown diversion for many people last year Playing Nintendo’s Animal Crossing was a lockdown diversion for many people last year Photo: AFP / William WEST

The Nintendo Switch has the HAC-001 imprinted on the back, the Joy-Con has the HAC-015 and the Ring Fit Adventures’s Ring-Con bears the HAC-022. Some industry watchers believe the HAC-043 is the part of the FCC ID that suggests the product is related to the Switch.

Interestingly, HAC-043 is one model number higher than the wireless Nintendo Controller released in 2019. The Japanese gaming giant submitted a 180-day request for confidentiality on July 26.

Because of this, photos and actual schematics that offer more information about the product are concealed. But, there are still a few specific details about the device that could give fans more idea of what the product is about. This includes the device being wireless and using Bluetooth.

The product also consumes more power than Joy-Con. Moreover, in the FCC label placement, it is described as a departure from the single label that Joy-Con utilized.

While nothing is set on stone as of yet, fans have different theories about this FCC listing. Some believe the new controller could be the company’s attempt to replicate what it did to the SNES controller when it released its wireless counterpart.

Others think Nintendo is preparing to launch a wireless N64 or GameCube controller for retro games. There are also those who want to believe the product listed on FCC is the new Switch Pro controller for the OLED Switch scheduled to release in October.

The product’s confidential material application expires on March 16, 2022. Unless Nintendo files for an extension, fans could learn more about it as early as next year. Unfortunately, the company has not yet said anything about working on a new Switch controller.

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