Jenn Sterger Takes Aim At Adam Schefter After Email Leak


Adam Schefter’s journalistic ethics have been called into question, after a leak from the Washington Football Team investigation appeared to show him running a story by then-GM Bruce Allen before its publication. Jenn Sterger, the former New York Jets employee at the center of the 2010 Brett Favre scandal, called out Schefter in the wake of the revelation.

Sterger came to fame during her time at Florida State, and went on to work for the New York Jets as a gameday host. In 2010, she accused Favre of sending her sexually explicit photos during her time with the team two years earlier.

On Twitter today, Sterger seemed to indicate that Schefter didn’t accurately represent what she told him about the Favre situation. “A certain journalist also published a false statement from me in 2010.. saying I had ‘agreed to cooperate in the NFL investigation’ in an attempt to force my hand & bully me,” she wrote. She says she then DM’d him that his report was false, and that he updated his report, but without quoting her directly.

She doesn’t name Schefter explicitly in the first tweet, but in a follow up, refers to “Adam.” Given the timing, it is pretty clear that she is referring to Schefter.

“There are journalists & there are pawns.. learn the difference when digesting any kind of media,” Sterger says in a follow-up tweet. “There’s people out there doing honest work & there’s others just out doing peoples bidding.”

A 2010 ESPN report by Schefter quotes Sterger’s attorney saying that she was expected to meet with the league investigators on the matter. It does not quote Sterger, or feature an update that she said it was untrue. The following day, Journal Sentinel writer Bob Wolfley reported that Schefter said on air that Sterger planned to meet with the league, though that he again cited her attorney as sharing those details.

Adam Schefter of ESPN set up Mortensen’s remarks by saying Sterger is expected to meet with the league, according to Sterger’s attorney.

“Her attorney, Joe Conway, said (Saturday) he fully expects his client to meet with the NFL later this week. The NFL is unaware of any meeting at this point. It could be another attempt to ratchet up the public pressure on Favre to bring about a settlement this week. Right now Joe Conway is saying his client Jenn Sterger will go in to talk to the NFL this week.”

Mortensen suggested league officials may have an issue with Sterger’s reliability as a witness.

It is unclear exactly which Schefter report from a decade ago that Jenn Sterger takes exception with to this day, but she clearly believes that this is a pattern for the ESPN NFL Insider.

“Without sharing all the specifics of the reporter’s process for a story form 10 years ago during the NFL lockout, we believe that nothing is more important to Adam and ESPN than providing fans the most accurate, fair and complete story,” ESPN said in response to the original Los Angeles Times story on the Schefter/Allen email exchange. Schefter and the company have not replied to Sterger’s accusations at this time.

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