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Cachete Sierra saw her privacy violated with the leak of a series of photos Credit: Instagram Cachete Sierra

The actor Agustín Cachete Sierra, that this year became the revelation of the reality of electricity Singing 2020, his privacy was violated by leak a series of intimate photos that went viral on social networks.

The news was announced by the conductor Ángel de Brito this Thursday in his program Angels in the morning cycle in which the actor explained the origin of these photos and how he feels to see that they were broadcast.

“That’s from a welcome video from Sex”, Sierra said, referring to the work of José María Muscari Virtual sex, that was carried out during the quarantine and that later, when the restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic were relaxed, it was renamed Auto Sex, an initiative of which the actor decided not to be part, and which debuted on November 21 at the Mandarine Park Drive-in theater in Punta Carrasco.

“It is material of Sex that is filtered. Unfortunately it continues to leak. There are things of Sex to filter, they leaked and it’s not good “, remarked. “If there is someone who has it and wants to filter it, we dedicate ourselves to blocking it, but we cannot do more than that,” Cachete concluded, with a hint of resignation in his attitude, and noting that, as it was work, he decided to act in Sex virtually, even if that entailed a risk. “I was afraid of doing the play like this because it is not the same as in a theater,” he said.

In an interview with LA NACION, Sierra, one of the firm candidates to win the Singing 2020He made mention, precisely, of how he gets along with virtuality, especially when he wants to initiate a bond with another person. “I try to get along very well, but it is dangerous to meet people through networks, I prefer to be introduced to them,” he said. “Every so often it happens, I’m not going to lie, and likeo a photo, exchange messages. With the pandemic, everything was postponed and little by little he wants to, “he added, to later share that he is starting something without labels with a person, but without haste.

“There is someone who moves the floor for me, but we go step by step, calm down. At some point I would like to start a family, have children. I love that plan,” the former told him.Floricienta to this medium.

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