Injustice Images Offer New Look At Batman Confronting Joker And More


The new Injustice animated movie dropped a batch of fresh images, one of which features a confrontation between DC’s Batman and the Joker.

Injustice Movie

Injustice released new images that include a multitude of heroes such as Raven, Mr. Terrific, Plastic Man, Batman, and Mirror Master. It looks like Injustice will have prominent/popular heroes in the spotlight along with DC Comics’ lesser-known characters.

The Injustice photos feature a few action shots from the film, which is looking to adapt the video game storyline while also having some creative freedom. The movie is set before the first Injustice game, so in technicality, it will be based on the comic book spin-off series of the same name that took place prior to the games.

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These Injustice images don’t confirm anything story-related, so don’t expect spoilers here, but one thing that’s nice to see is the variety of heroes. DC comic books often have a plethora of heroes that they rarely use for their projects. Seeing characters like Raven, Plastic Man, Mirror Master, and Mr. Terrific alongside the two heavyweights like Batman and Superman is a nice welcomed change. Right now there’s been a leak of the Injustice film that fans have been watching, and it has unfortunately received mixed reactions.

Fans should take note to avoid spoilers if they’re new to the story or want to go in with their own fresh unique perspective/opinion. Right now it’s unclear how much of the Injustice comic book prequel series will be included in this movie and how close it will be to the source material. In the event that the Injustice film deviates from the source, then many fans will be upset. The story itself was already praised, so it wouldn’t be wise for DC to change the way the plot plays out because that will essentially be changing the core DNA of the property. This is one project where creative freedom may actually work against the film.

DC is often known for delivering with its animated movies, video games, and shows, so if DC ends up “missing” with the Injustice film, it won’t be too detrimental to their success. However, Injustice had such a unique story that this would be a bad project to mess up, especially since the video game has had one of the biggest influences on DC fans. Lately, DC has just been adapting the comic book storylines into short animated films, which is why they’ve been able to pump them out so quickly.

Injustice will be on DVD and Blu-ray on October 19th, 2021

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