Huge iPhone 13 leak suggests new matte black, bronze colors and new features


Iphone 13 ColorsSource: EverythingApplePro

Big new iPhone 13 leaks suggest the replacement to iPhone 12 could bring not one but two new colors.

In a new video, EverythingApplePro reveals leaks from Max Weinbach claiming there are big new changes coming to the new iPhone this year. From the video’s description:

Massive iPhone 13 Pro Leaks Update! New lens design, matte black color, bronze/copper color, new anti-fingerprint coating, tiny notch, bigger batteries, NO portless models, 1TB storage, smaller logic boards & so much more!

EAP says Apple has “reworked” the graphite/space grey color of the iPhone and that it is now a “borderline” black, stating we can assume that matte black is coming to the iPhone 13. Apple is also reportedly exploring a new bronze or copper color that has reportedly passed stage one of validations. Weinbach is much less bullish on this and says it seems “unlikely” (but not impossible) to make it to launch, which is a shame because the concept looks absolutely stunning.

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If you aren’t familiar with EverythingApplePro, then check out this April report from 2020 featuring a concept of the iPhone 12 Pro Max which as you’ll see, was basically spot on.

According to Max Weinbach, Apple is also reportedly working on a new stainless steel frame that is much more resistant to fingerprints.

The video also says Apple’s next iPhone 13 cameras will have a lower profile and stick out less from the back of the iPhone, and that internally there will be a big overhaul to taking photos in Portrait mode, as well a new image stabilization technology.

The video also seemingly confirms previous rumors the iPhone 13 will have a smaller notch, and that the iPhone 13 mini will persist in the lineup despite rampant rumors of poor sales.

We for one are absolutely stoked at the prospect of a matte black iPhone 13 and would give pretty much anything for the bronze/copper look too. The iPhone 13 is shaping up to be the best iPhone Apple has ever put out.

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