How the Bengals reacted when their new jerseys leaked on eBay – The Athletic


CINCINNATI — The Bengals had not changed their jerseys for 17 years. The first meetings about the change unveiled Monday began almost three years ago.

Every detail meticulously pored over. The stripes. The font. The outline. The colors. The Paul Brown signature.

Every aspect of the rollout would be specifically plotted. The announcement. The player reaction tease. The promotional video blast requiring they build a throne for Chad Johnson to sit on and smoke a cigar.

The Bengals core staff leading the redesign was enjoying a weekend reprieve from the grinding execution of this months-and-years-long plan on a sleepy Sunday afternoon in early March. Then, the unfathomable happened.

The retail version leaked on eBay.

“My heart sunk,” merchandise manager Monty Montague said.

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