‘Hawkeye’ Set Photos Reveal First Look At Alaqua Cox As Echo


New images from the set of Marvel Studios’ ‘Hawkeye’ series in Georgia offer a sneak peek at MCU newcomer Echo, played by Alaqua Cox.

As the Marvel machine continues to work through its list of upcoming film and television offerings for Phase 4, little bits and pieces of various projects make their way to social media every once and a while, adding more fuel to the excitement. One recent leak that has popped up online comes from the Hawkeye production, and it gives a sneak peek at one of the newest characters that will soon debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Maya Lopez, the fictional character who goes by the alias ‘Echo’ in the comics, is the subject of a new set of behind-the-scenes photos from the Hawkeye set in Georgia. Portrayed by first-time actress Alaqua Cox, the Marvel superheroine is shown sporting a slick pair of boots and a black leather jacket, which is a fitting ensemble for the rebellious character. Cast members Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld were absent in the photos; however, it’s more than likely that the three actors will have scenes together in the Disney Plus show.

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Echo first appears in the Daredevil comics, where she goes back and forth between being a hero and a villain. Like Daredevil, she is also physically impaired but with deafness rather than blindness, and she compensates for it with her visual acuity and photographic reflexes. Later on, she ends up becoming Ronin in The New Avengers; however, it’s unclear at this point whether Marvel intends to develop Cox’s Echo into that character (especially since Jeremy Renner has already appeared as Ronin in Avengers: Endgame).

Despite the fact that Hawkeye hasn’t even finished production yet, several reports have come out claiming that Marvel already has plans for a spin-off series focused on Echo. Aside from her ties to Hawkeye and the aforementioned Daredevil, she also has comic arcs with a bunch of other Marvel heroes, including Moon Knight. With a Moon Knight series also in the works, there’s always the chance that we could see Cox’s Echo alongside Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight in a future project.

That said, all of this is still speculatory, as Marvel has not come out with official statements to confirm any of the reports. However, by this point, it should be clear that Marvel doesn’t introduce characters just for the sake of introducing them – typically, any new additions to the MCU have a greater purpose, so we will just have to wait and see what Marvel has in store for us.

Hawkeye will debut on Disney Plus in late 2021.

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