Google Pixel 6 Pro Camera Leak Reveals New Photo & Video Features


Google’s Camera app has revealed some of the advanced features that are coming to the new Pixel 6 Pro, with improvements for both photo and video.

Google‘s new Tensor-powered smartphones are coming very soon and a new Pixel 6 Pro camera leak is likely to build even more excitement over what might be possible. Google played a big role in starting the hunt for pre-launch information after providing a fairly juicy preview in early August that revealed the new phones would use Google’s first custom-built chip made specifically for Pixel phones. This silicon is designed from the ground up for Pixel photo processing, AI, and security.

Google is known for its computational photography mastery and has relied on its advanced software while competitors pushed the limits of camera hardware. Year after year, the Pixel provides very good photos whether buying the flagship or budget Pixel phone. Of course, a smartphone is more than just a photography studio in a slab and Google’s Pixel also excels at artificial intelligence, providing one of the best assistant experiences available and a pure Android interface that is fast and smooth.

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The newest Pixel 6 Pro camera leak comes from an unreleased, internal version of Google’s Camera app from an unnamed source that was analyzed by XDA-Developers. One of the most interesting features is codenamed ‘swiss,’ like the cheese, and is said to offer removal of foreground obstructions, such as a chain-link fence. The code suggested this would be accelerated by the new Tensor chip. When recording video with the Pixel 6 Pro, a zoom level of as much as 7 times might be possible, even when recording at 60 frames per second (FPS) and 4K resolution. When dropping to 30 FPS, zoom levels up to 20 times are allowed, according to XDA’s source.

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Google Pixel 6 Pro Gray

With the power of Google’s new Pixel 6 Pro, facial detection might become more useful in photos. Face deblur was already a confirmed feature of the Pixel 6 and showed up in this leaked app, lending credibility to this being the real thing. The algorithm is able to remove motion blur in faces, using a method similar to HDR+. On the flip side, it might be possible to enhance motion blur for creative effects. More face detection options suggest identifying when a baby is in the frame and possibly automatically capturing interesting facial expressions. This is codenamed ‘Photo Booth.’

A code snippet that referenced the selfie camera suggests that it might be an ultra-wide, with options for 0.7 times and no zoom. Other hints pointed to the rear cameras getting improved white balance, a different form of Top Shot that automatically selects the best shots out of a photo burst, improved Frequent Faces that favors focusing on known subjects, and an enhanced Portrait Spotlight feature. There was also a reference to a 2022 Pixel, but no real detail was given about the presumed Pixel 7. For now, this can be seen as yet another teaser of one of the most heavily previewed smartphones ever. The official launch of Google’s Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, with an impressive camera bar leading the feature list, is expected to arrive around the middle of October.

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Source: XDA-Developers

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