Everett Water Department Celebrates “Fix A Leak Week”


To celebrate “Fix a Leak Week” the City of Everett Public Works Department has provided information on how to fix leaks, save water and let you know about all of the resources they have available.

waterThe average home wastes nearly 10,000 gallons of water per year from easy-to-fix household leaks – that’s equivalent to washing 300 loads of laundry! In just 10 minutes, you can check your house for easy-to-fix leaks from your toilet to showerheads to appliances and outdoor faucets.

During Fix a Leak Week, March 15 – 21, take the 10-minute Challenge to stop leaks at home. EPA WaterSense has some great resources to help assist you but here are some resources to help you get started.

Download or view the “WaterSense Challenge” PDF to learn how to detect and chase down leaks throughout your entire house. It is full of resources and activities for the whole family.

Download or view the “Ten Minute Challenge Tip card” PDF for a list of some quick ten-minute challenges to test your toilet and other appliances for leaks.

About Everett’s water system

The Everett water system supplies water to about 615,000 people or 75% of the businesses and residents of the Snohomish County through a network of local water providers. View or download the Everett water service area map (PDF) and a list of water providers served (PDF).

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