Corpse Husband fans call out double standards after rumored ‘face reveal’ goes viral


After an image that some alleged to be faceless YouTuber Corpse Husband’s real face gained traction on Twitter, fans have been calling out others for negativity and double standards.

Although Corpse Husband has been making content online for a while, he really blew up in 2020 amid the Among Us hype. He’s since developed an impressive fanbase, with over seven million subscribers on his YouTube channel alone.

One notable thing about Corpse is that he is a ‘faceless’ creator, meaning he has never shown what he actually looks like online, instead portraying himself through a series of avatars.

This means many are curious about what the deep-voiced streamer looks like in real life, and while he has dropped hints, some are taking that curiosity a little further by actually trying to find out what he looks like.

Animation of Corpse Husband in a YouTube video
YouTube: AnthonyPadilla

Corpse Husband has a hugely dedicated fanbase.

On September 26, several posts gained traction on Twitter that claimed to show Corpse Husband’s face reveal.

Other photos were also shared, clearly of different people, throwing some doubt into the mix and making the whole trend seem to be a hoax.

Not everyone was convinced that any of the photos were of the YouTuber himself, but regardless, hate began to pour in, with people insulting the physical appearance of those in the photos being shared.

However, many fans were quick to call out people’s double standards.

“This alleged corpse husband’s face reveal just showed how f**ked up our world is,” one person wrote. “You guys think Corpse is this mega-hot guy, then y’all start bullying him when he didn’t meet your standards.”

Others called out people trying to find out what he looks like in the first place, saying it’s “sick to be in his business like that,” and reminding people that they don’t know for sure that it’s actually Corpse.

This isn’t the first time people have tried to uncover the identity of a faceless YouTuber.

In June, Minecraft star Dream called out people sending “gross” hate to random people after some claimed that they had found what the streamer really looks like.

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