Apple Warns Chinese Tipster Who Advertised Stolen iPhone Prototypes Across Social Media


Apple leaks have been rampant across social media since the Cupertino giant could not supervise every potential source behind those.

Recently, the tech titan said that it is now after an anonymous leaker from China who has shared the stolen images of an iPhone prototype over Twitter.

The subject that quickly surfaced online has tackled some information about the hardware components of iPad, Mac, and iPhone. Since many Apple products are created in China, this kind of leak becomes more common before the products are revealed to the public.

The popular Chinese microblogging site Weibo serves as one of the leak’s hotspots. The tech companies have been dealing with the leaks lately, and Apple seemed to be disappointed about them.

Apple Wants to Identify the Unknown Tipster 

New iPhone 12 Goes On Sale At Apple Stores

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – OCTOBER 23: Ben Ratner takes a photo of the new iPhone after being the first customer to walk out of the Apple Fifth Avenue store on October 23, 2020 in New York City. The new Apple iPhone 12 was released today.

According to a report by VICE, Apple wanted the leaker to tell who gave the information regarding the stolen prototypes.

The Cupertino giant appeared to be hell-bent on chasing the potential person behind the leakage. Moreover, the company has already issued a cease and desist order to the tipster who has published the iPhone prototypes online.

Regarding the anonymous Chinese leaker, Apple was seeking possible resellers who have already gotten the circulating Apple product. It was known that the stolen hardware was located in Longhua, Shenzhen.

What the resellers will do is market the product to an avid collector who could fix some imperfections posed in the iPhone.

In short, the tech firm wants to take down the growing “grey market” that the resellers have been exploiting. 

Based on the cease and desist letter, Apple has requested the unnamed tipster to refrain from advertising and marketing the stolen hardware.

In addition, the iPhone maker also asked the person about the list of the sources who have brought the leaks to various social media platforms–be it an individual or a partner in another company.

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Apple Request Leaker to Comply in Two Weeks After Receiving the Letter 

From a report by News18, on Friday, July 30, Apple is not yet finished on its request to the tipster.

The company also wanted an official document signing for such a purpose within 14 days. That will be effective by the time the leaker receives the letter from the tech firm.

“Through investigation, Apple has obtained relevant evidence about your [leakster] unauthorized disclosure of Apple’s unreleased and rumored products… Your intentional infringement is specifically manifested as publishing unpublished information about Apple’s new products through social media platforms, including but not limited to the design and performance of these new products, ” the letter read.

Besides the unnamed Chinese tipster, Apple also said in another report that it would chase other leakers since the leaks have big impacts on the expectations of the customers.

Apple’s Anti-Leaker Campaign

The latest anti-leak campaign would bar those who spread leaks from further publishing them on different platforms.

The tech giant is now conducting ongoing investigations about this unauthorized sharing of rumored products.

Recently, a source said that there’s a good chance that the AirPods 3 and iPhone 13 will be launched in the next two months. As a reminder, the leaks should always be taken with a grain of salt.

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