Alexa Bliss Tight Leather Corset Photos Leak



Alexa Bliss is one of the most beautiful women on the roster in WWE at this point in time. I don’t think you could find anyone that would argue that claim with you or I. Recently, Alexa showed herself off a bit more on Raw, and we were all blown away. Alexa Bliss ‘Removes’ Top Star From WWE Raw.

A fan on Twitter put out a few photos that feature Bliss in a tight leather corset on the set of Raw recently that showcase not only her persona for this gimmick, but her beauty as well. It’s great to see a change in appearance for Bliss.

Speaking of changes, on the latest Monday Night RAW, Alexa shot the promo in the leather corset and began talking about how she is going to go at WWE alone now that she has learned the dark side (from The Fiend). Alexa also had a puppet of her own which looked like a clown. The puppets name is ‘Lily’.

The finish for the match featuring Orton and Fiend was initially supposed to be The Fiend defeating Orton. However, Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard were instrumental in changing the result to Orton going over at some point during the weekend. Many fans were unhappy with this choice and the match being so pivotal in their storyline but cut so short on time and action.

Dave Meltzer reported: “One finish was done on Saturday and the other was on Sunday. One of the finishes, the Randy Orton finish, was changed on Sunday hours before the show. I think. I think at least three finishes changed.”

Shoutout to Wrestling News for the transcript.

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